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Thread: Sharda Group v/s Shiv Nadar Group

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    Sharda Group v/s Shiv Nadar Group

    Hello, Iíve applied to Sharda Group of Institute Noida and have applied in Shiv Nadar University also. Sharda was my first preference but Iíve heard so many good things about Shiv Nadar that I canít make up my mind. Please help?

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    Re: Sharda Group v/s Shiv Nadar Group

    I see where youíre coming from, my cousin studies in Sharda and she said they have a good environment to study, facilities and is AICET approved etc, but the way Shiv Nadar Universtiy is coming up it is an unbelievable coup for them! They are calling SNU India's first inter-disciplinary university. It takes a while to grasp why that is important but it does make a difference. Also, besides a sprawling, state of the art campus, a good portion of it will be spent on attracting the best faculty money can buy i.e. among the brilliant Nikhil Sinha, the founding Vice-Chancellor at SNU, was once Associate Dean at the University of Texas. Good enough, isínt it? Attracting the best minds will need class leading rewards besides competitive salaries, avenues for personal research and employment opportunities for students.
    Still Sharda is a great institute and although the way Shiv Nadar is coming up it looks like it will be the top universities in the city in a few years (which I guess was to be expected with the resources they have).
    I still think both are good so it wonít make a difference, you can go for counseling with the institutes and choose the best for yourself.

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