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Thread: Control Theory for GTU Exam Question Paper

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Assembly language programming examples- Division of a 16- bit number by a 8-bit number.

The division of a 16/8-bit number by a 8-bit number follows the successive subtraction method. The divisor is subtracted from the MSBs of the dividend .If a borrow occurs, the bit of the quotient is set to 1 else 0.For correct subtraction process the dividend is shifted left by one bit before each subtraction. The dividend and quotient are in a pair of register H-L.The vacancy arises due to shifting is occupied by the quotient .In the present example the dividend is a 16-bit number and the divisor is a 8-bit number. The dividend is in locations 8500 &8501.Similarly the divisor is in the location 8502.The quotient is stored at 8503 and the remainder is stored at 8504 locations Read this topic
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    Pdf 32 Control Theory for GTU Exam Question Paper

    Download control theory pdf questions paper for GTU exam. all these pdf are year wise, you can see all and prepare well for exam.

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