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Thread: merged cad-cam lecture notes

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Conventional Source of Energy

Energy affects every part and every field of our life. We need energy to do all sorts of physical and physiological activities like moving writing, running, cooking, thinking or doing any work. We need energy for transportation, communication, lighting, industries and agriculture. We also need energy to extract minerals from ores and to manufacture fertilizers, pesticides and all other products. We need energy for space travel and all scientific activities. Thus, we see there is hardly any aspect of life which we can think of that does not require energy. In fact, energy use is an indication of the degree of development. Read this topic
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    Pdf 32 merged cad-cam lecture notes

    Free download merged cad-cam lecture notes, also download all engineering study materials, pdf, doc, of all branches engineering

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    Re: merged cad-cam lecture notes

    Hello..thank you for CAD-CAM ebook. Its a complete book which is very useful. Thanks again.

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