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Thread: Major Airlines in India

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    Txt 32 Major Airlines in India

    Major Airlines in India

    There has been a revolution in air travel in India in the last decade. Ever since the government launched its open sky policy and allowed private players to enter the arena there has been a sea change in the airline industry in India. Air travel has become cheaper and more affordable and the number of people traveling by air has gone up drastically. Consequently, Indian Airports too have changed for the better. Airports in India have become more swanky and passenger friendly. Here is some useful information on airlines and airports in India.

    Domestic Airlines

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    Re: Major Airlines in India

    Air India- Air india express + Air india cargo

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    Re: Major Airlines in India

    Well, out of these airlines, which one do you think is the most affordable in terms of both money and comfort? I am asking this for both domestic and international travel.

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