Here’s your chance to study in Asia’s Biggest Cisco Training Labs.

Live Project Based CCNA Training

A Summer Training Program focused on Network Implementation using real Cisco Routers and Switches. Best option to choose for CSE, IT and ECE graduates for 6 or 8 Weeks Summer Training.
After successful completion of the program, candidate will be able to install, configure and troubleshoot Real Cisco Routers and Switches to implement a Cisco Network.

100% Practical will be performed on real CISCO devices or 100% Money Back Guarantee. (No Conditions Apply)

Course Details:

Course Duration: 60 Hours Theory plus 24*7 LAB Access
Training Fee: Rs 7,000/- (Including Taxes and Study Material)
Projects: Network Implementation, Deploying Network Security, Network Optimization, Router Assembling, Internetwork Deployment, Network Integration, Stacking Routers and Switches.
Above are some projects provided to work during training, one Project Per student!
Live project can be further simulated in a Networking Software, to submit it as a project along with detailed report.

Network Bulls is Asia’s biggest Cisco training institute, with Asia’s biggest Cisco training labs.
· Printed workbooks
· 24*7 Lab access- Live real routers and switches
· Trained more than 45000 Students
· Less Fees with more deliverable ( Biggest CISCO Networking Labs of ASIA)
· Attend any number of batches with repeat sessions
· Weekly career related seminars from DUAL and TRIPLE CCIE's
· International Training Exposure- Students from more than 20 countries
· Accommodation Facility available for students coming from other cities

Labs of Network Bulls

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Proven Placement Record:
Network Bulls have Best Placement Records in last 3 years in the industry. We are the only Institute in India providing Written Job Placement Guarantee to students enrolling for CCIE. We have consistently delivered Best Quality Training to our students, with ultra modern training methodology and most updated and Modern Lab equipments, which resulted into Highest Passing rate and Placement rate as well.

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Contact Details:
Address: B-11, Old DLF, Sector-14, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001
Mobile: +91-9560148409, +91-9560148410, +91-9654672192
Landline: 0124-4369201/02/03/04

Cisco CCNA Course Topic Details:
Basic Network Concepts
  • Importance of OSI
  • OSI & TCP/IP
  • IP Address & Classes
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
IP Subnetting
  • CIDR
Cisco Certifications and Router
  • Roles
  • Software & Hardware Routers
  • Cisco IOS Commands
  • Router Vendors
  • Cisco Hierarchical Design Model
  • Fixed & Modular Router
  • Router Interfaces
  • Internal & External Components
  • Boot Process
Initial Router Configuration and WAN
  • Technologies
  • Lease Line Intro
  • CSU / DSU
  • Encapsulation
  • Guide Line of Routing
  • Types of Routing
Static Routing
  • Packet Forwarding Mechanism
  • Administrative Distance
  • Disadvantage of Static
Default Routing
Dynamic Routing

  • Advantage of Dynamic Routing
  • Types of Dynamic Routing Protocol
Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • RIPv1
  • Metric Calculation
  • Timers
  • Routing Loops
  • Troubleshooting
Advance Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • RIPv2
  • Features
  • Calculation of Metric
  • Tables
  • AD/FD
  • Successor / Feasible Successor
  • Troubleshooting
Link State Routing Protocol
  • Link State Routing Protocol
  • OSPF
  • Features of OSPF
  • Metric Calculation
  • Hello Messages
  • Router ID
  • Tables
  • Link State Hierarchy
  • Areas
  • DR / BDR
  • Disadvantages of Single Area
  • Troubleshooting
Access List
  • Standard
  • Extended
  • Access Class
Network Address Translation
  • Type of NAT
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • PAT
Frame Relay
  • Advantage Of Frame Relay
  • Virtual Circuit
  • LMI & DLCI
  • Troubleshooting
IOS & Configuration Backup

Password Recovery

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)



  • Hub & Switches
  • Broadcast Domain
  • Collision Domain
  • Initial Configuration of Switch
Virtual LAN
  • IEEE 802.1q Trunking
Virtual LAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

Inter - VLAN Routing

Port Security

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Introduction to Network Security (Firewall) &