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Thread: real time irrigation to frams need help

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    Ask real time irrigation to frams need help

    HEY i do farming in (punjab) india. and i want irrigation to high land farms.ok.
    can u design a model of a machine which will pour water from low land farm to high land farm without external fuel operated pump .you can use the energy of flowing water...water is coming through 1/2 meter wide canal and not able to go to high land farm. instead of leveling down my farm which will cost 50k rs, i want an instrument which will help me.....i can give any amount for that ....this will sought out my real time problem....

    09464253882 its my mob...

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    Re: real time irrigation to frams need help

    i can design a pump for you...just let me know the approx capacity of water flowing in the source river, the highest altitude of the highland farm from the river and the consistency of the river flow.

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    Re: real time irrigation to frams need help

    can u give me the details of ur land such as the distance ,altitude of the farmland from the source and slope of the land .what is the height of the canal?does water is flowing full

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