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Thread: Voice Search html code

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    Android Facebook 32 Voice Search html code

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function startSearch(event) {;

    <form action="" >

    <div id="speechinput">
    <input id="speech" name="q" type="search"
    speech="speech" x-webkit-speech="x-webkit-speech"
    speech required onspeechchange="startSearch"; onwebkitspeechchange="startSearch" />
    <font color="red" size="3"><--Click me to Speak the Search Element Aloud </font>
    NOTE :
    Here is the executable running code for Voice search .
    now i need a modification from the talented engineers watching my post
    in this you can search an element while entering the word through voice or text and pressing enter to search.
    Modification will be such that , u enter element through voice and/or text and u need not press enter to search.
    Modify the code, whenever the element is entered the search begins automatically.
    Goodluck Fadoo Egineers(including me ;) )

    Thankx in avdance


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    Re: Voice Search html code

    Learning voice search HTML code is quite easy, we can easily learn HTML in short term period. There are thousands of online tutorial sites are available on the internet which is providing a video tutorial on how to write code voice search.

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