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Thread: AIEEE 2011 Syllabus Physics, Chemistry and Maths

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Aldol Addition & Condensation Reaction

The Aldol addition reaction involves the addition of α-carbon of an enolizable aldehyde or ketone to the carbonyl group of another aldehyde or ketone and thus by giving a β-hydroxy carbonyl compound also known as an aldol (indicating both aldehyde and alcohol groups). The reaction is catalyzed more commonly by a base or some times by an acid. Read this topic
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    Blog 32 AIEEE 2011 Syllabus Physics, Chemistry and Maths

    The 10th All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Examination (AIEEE) (offline/pen & paper), 2011 to be conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education has been rescheduled from 24.04.2011 to 01.05.2011 (Sunday) due to Easter festival.

    All rest of the things/schedule will remain unchanged.

    The sale of Information Bulletins from all selling centres will start from 22.12.2010 instead of 15.12.2010. Accordingly, Stickers of corrigenda will be pasted on front page on each bulletin so that they are informed about the rescheduled examination date/date of selling of forms.

    Here is the subject-wise syllabus for AIEEE 2011:

    - AIEEE 2011 Physics Syllabus

    - AIEEE 2011 Chemistry Syllabus

    - AIEEE 2011 Maths Syllabus


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    Re: AIEEE 2011 Syllabus Physics, Chemistry and Maths

    NIce Information..

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    Re: AIEEE 2011 Syllabus Physics, Chemistry and Maths

    Thanxxx... It'll help my bro for preparation...

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