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I am sharing my experience with you which I learn during the Global Logic placement drive. all placement papers of Global Logic so just learn and practice the placement papers of Global Logic and find out how much important for you.
You can easily solve Global Logic placement papers like aptitude placement papers and interview placement questions by practicing the previous year papers and get selection in Global Logic easily.

Global Logic all placement papers here you can find : Year

2011 as attached

About Global Logic:
GlobalLogic combines cross-industry expertise and experience with market-defining customers to make connections between makers and markets worldwide. We have gained unique insight from working on innovative products and disruptive technologies that we share with business leaders, showing them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing their future. We use the power of connection to help them make amazing products, discover new revenue opportunities, and accelerate time-to-market.

Website : www.globallogic.com

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