Download Advanced Memristor Modeling pdf by Valeri Mladenov, This monograph summarizes results from many of the author's papers regarding memristors and memristor circuits. These papers are particularly based on titaniumdioxide memristors, that still have very wide application, and for this reason are main objects of investigation. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


Introduction to Memristors
1.1. General Information for Memristors
1.2. Main Types of Memristors
1.3. Basic Principles of Titanium Dioxide Memristor Nanostructure, and Its Physical Description in Electric Fields and Memory Effect

Titanium Dioxide Memristor Models
2.1. Classical Memristor Models
2.2. Author’s Modified Memristor Models

Investigation of Memristor Circuits and Devices
3.1. Investigation of a Series Circuit with Two Memristor Elements for the Sinusoidal and Pulse Regime
3.2. Investigation of a PSpice Model of a Titanium dioxide Memristor Element and a Memristor-Based Wien Oscillator
3.3. Investigation of Anti-Parallel Circuit with Two Memristors
3.4. Integrator Scheme with a Memristor

Analysis of Memristor Networks
4.1. A Memristor Perceptron for Logical Function Emulation
4.2. А Memristor-Based Neural Network and Artificial Neurons
4.3. Learning a Neuron with Resistor–Memristor Synapses
4.4. А Passive Memristor Matrix
4.5. A Hybrid Resistance-Switching Memory Device with Memristors