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    Rar 32 Home Security System Using PIC16F877A full project free download

    Crime in general is still on the rise, and having a security alarm installed is no longer a perquisite of the wealthy! Here is a simple and compact security alarm system to protect your home/shop and valuables. The circuit is built around a tiny microcontroller chip PIC16F877A With fives Sensors Connected for Each Room And LCD and Leds To show the Suspect Position And buzzer for alerting.

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    Re: Home Security System Using PIC16F877A

    ok i got it , i wii post it , an use it on regular basis , thnx for ur help

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    Re: Home Security System Using PIC16F877A full project free download

    sir. what softwares did you use to run this project? also where's the schematic & pcb design sir? i would like to make this project to our engineering research.

    here's my email address.

    thank you. !
    looking forward for your immediate response.

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