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Thread: Who is ready for a Machine Learning startup in Pune

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    Favorite 32 Who is ready for a Machine Learning startup in Pune

    My name is Amit, I am an innovator (with multiple patents and research papers)and was director at an MNC till recently. I am starting a company in Pune which will focus on innovation and machine learning. I am looking for truly creative and entrepreneurial computer/IT engineers (final year or graduates) who would want to join us in this journey.
    If you are exceptionally smart and interested in startups then email me your details and contact number.

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    Re: Who is ready for a Machine Learning startup in Pune

    Hi amit, my name is neeraj raut. I have completed my engineering in IT last year. Have since been involved in courses from udemy related to data science, also completed a data science certification course, have been practicing machine learning, working with different datasets , exploring, cleaning data using python, R, also quite familiar with tools such as mysql, tableau, excel. I am very interested in a startup especially in the field of machine learning, would love to hear back from you. Please contact me at or u can directly call me at 8237594448. Looking forward to it

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