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Thread: Preparing for an Interview pdf‎

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Skeletonization is a process for reducing foreground regions in a binary image to a skeletal remnant that largely preserves the extent and connectivity of the original region while throwing away most of the original foreground pixels. To see how this works, imagine that the foreground regions in the input binary image are made of some uniform slow-burning material. Light fires simultaneously at all points along the boundary of this region and watch the fire move into the interior. At points where the fire traveling from two different boundaries meets itself, the fire will extinguish itself and the points at which this happens form the so called `quench line'. This line is the skeleton. Under this definition it is clear that thinning produces a sort of skeleton. Read this topic
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    Pdf 32 Preparing for an Interview pdf‎

    Hey friends here I uploaded a Common Interview Questions for Computer Information Technology Majors pdf which will guide you about preparing for interview. I Hope you will learn from this ebook. Let me know is this helpful for you or not. Three keys for successful interview are preparation, practice and presentation.

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    Re: Preparing for an Interview pdf‎

    hii its shivam gupta from kanpur.....having great time with

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    Re: Preparing for an Interview pdf‎

    thanku ...this is sri

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