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Thread: me with ur answer...

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    Burner me with ur answer...

    here i have one question.....
    When the flame comes out from the nozzle of gas stove burner,why the fire doesn't spread towards the cylinder through the hose....
    give me ur answers friends...

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    Re: me with ur answer...

    The simplest demonstration is to use a compressed air hose to blow air along a tube of cardboard. I'm blowing air from the middle of the tube towards one end. ... so this cloud of air, now five times as much as came out of the nozzle, is now ... uses the Venturi effect to pre-mix air into the gas before injecting it into the burner.

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    Re: me with ur answer...

    When gas react with air then only it starts fire through out nosile there is no air and cylinder contain only air so there was no establistion of flame.

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