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Thread: Phase Transformations basics notes free pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Phase Transformations basics notes free pdf download

    I want complete information about phase transformations from the basics.Please upload to me I need them..........

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    Re: Phase Transformations

    which book u want for phase transformation basics.

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    Pdf 32 Re: Phase Transformations

    you should have a proper knowledge on physical metallrugy to understand phase transformation (for PM "msm by kodgiri" and Physical metallurgy by raghavan 5th edition and PHYSICAL METALLURGY BY VIJENDER SINGH )go through "phase transformation by porter" this book (high standard) ......

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    Re: Phase Transformations

    For Basics Plz refer : Vijender singh's Physical Metallurgy ,
    ANd then Read : physical metallurgy principles Reed hills
    Final Phase transformations by David Porter .... definitely you'll have sound knowledge on it....
    Best Regards :


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    Re: Phase Transformations

    For Easy Understanding Of THis COncepts : Follow me ::: Reed hills 4th edition : chap 10-15 ... will give basic to advanced info on Phase Transformations After This just study Phase transformation in metals and alloys by David A.Porter Book : )....
    Best Regards :


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