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Thread: Reported Private Message by vandavasi nivedha

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    Reported Private Message by vandavasi nivedha

    vandavasi nivedha has reported a private message.

    Sent by: DIVYA.CSE
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    It's depends on u'r interest..... First U have 2 conform that in which subject u have more interest.... In 1st year all branches have common subjects.... while studying them we have to learn all basics in all subjects,,,, because as a Engineering student we have to gain knowledge about all fields.... So first concentrate more on present subjects.... After that U'll know by u'r self which branch is more suitable for U......

    Don't follow content blindly,,,,, Try to know more information from Standard books & recall the Subjects which u leart....

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    Re: Reported Private Message by vandavasi nivedha

    ok when ur final exams

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