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Thread: Distributed Databases Complete Engineering Course Material Ebooks and Presentations

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    Zip 32 Distributed Databases Complete Engineering Course Material Ebooks and Presentations

    Topics covered in the attached files:

    1.Introduction: syllabus, administration and organisation of the course, general introduction in distributed DBMS

    2. DDBMS Architecture: definition of DDBMS architecture, ANSI/SPARC standard, global, local, external, and internal schemas, DDBMS architectures, components of DDBMS

    3.Distributed Database Design: conceptual design (what can be distributed, design patterns), top-down, bottom-up patterns, technical design (fragmentation, allocation and replication of fragments, optimality, heuristics)

    4.Semantic Integrity Control:
    view management, security control, integrity control

    5.Distributed Query Processing: overview of query processing and query optimization, query decomposition and data localization

    6.Query decomposition and data localization: normalization, analysis, elimination of redundancy, rewriting, reduction for HF, reduction for VF

    7.Optimization of Distributed Queries: basic concepts, distributed cost model, database statistics

    8.Optimization of Distributed Queries: ordering of joins and semijoins, query optimization algorithms, INGRES, System R, hill climbing

    9.Transactions: introduction to transactions, definition and examples, properties, classification, processing issues, execution

    10.Concurrency Control: definition, execution schedules, examples, locking based algorithms, timestamp ordering algorithms, deadlock management

    11.Reliability: definitions, basic concepts, local recovery management, distributed reliability protocols

    12.Reliability: distributed reliability protocols, 2PC protocol

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    Zip 32 software engineering ebook

    software engineering book is here in pdf format

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    Re: Distributed Databases Complete Engineering Course Material Ebooks and Presentations

    telecommunication and network design algorithms book b kesherbaum A

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    Distributed Databases-Stefano CERI

    Have anyone can give me notes on distributed database link or pdf book on that ...

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