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Thread: Mechatrinics

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    what is the scope for mechatorinics ?

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    It has the vast scope in the world and valueable work.

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    Mechatronics course provides the student with elaborate knowledge on various fields such as mechanics, computer science, electronics, controlled system, artifical inteligence etc. Factories and industries, where an automation is followed, are growing day by day, so the scope of students in this course is also rising.

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    yes will definitely have scope in India,Mechatronics is a emerging field around the world .. the discipline has evolved due to excessive need in automation sector around the world..

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    Chat Re: Mechatrinics

    How mechatrinIx course is studied??

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    Chat Re: Mechatrinics

    How mechatrinIx course is studied??

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary engineering field Students interested in studying mechatronics can enroll in degree and certificate programs at colleges and universities.It combines systems design, computer, electronic, mechanical and control engineering. Students interested in studying mechatronics can gain hands-on experience working with pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity and manufacturing of mechanical parts and machines through degree and certificate programs at colleges and universities. Mechatronics courses might incorporate any or all of the engineering disciplines that the field comprises.


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    Information Re: Mechatrinics

    in which colleges and universities Mechatrinics may be studied?? what is the fee structure to study this this subject?/? moreover, what's the job facilities in future?? please notify me anyone!!

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    These are the list of few colleges which provides mechatronics course:
    University Departments Of Anna University - MIT Campus
    Kongu Engineering College (Autonomous)
    The Rajaas Engineering College
    madras institute of technology
    Kongu Engineering College - Erode, Tamil Nadu
    G. H. Patel College of Engineering & Technology - Vidyanagar, Gujarat
    Vinayaka Mission University - Salem, Tamil Nadu
    Gujarat Technological University - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    U.V.Patel Engineering College - Mehsana, Gujarat
    Karpagam College of Engineering - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    The fee structure for Mechatronics varies from college to college. So, you need to get in touch with the colleges offering such courses to know about their fee and other expenses of the program.
    There is a lot of scope of Mechatronics Engineering in India. You can get well profiled jobs with good remuneration in IT sectors or other renowned private firms and in Government sector also.

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    Information Re: Mechatrinics

    Thanks a lot, but i want to know if there are any college of Mechatrinics near Hosur,TVS nagari Tamilnadu ??

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    Re: Mechatrinics

    Factories and industries, wherean automation is followed day by day, so the scope of students in this course isalso rising.

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