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Thread: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

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    Pdf 32 Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF


    After achieving the proper goal of life an Engineer has enter in professional life. According to this life he has to serve an industry, may be public or private sector or self-own. For the efficient work in the field he must be well aware of practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. Since we belong to the electronics field it is really helpful to take training at a place that clears the doubts and inquisitively regarding the looking-simple phenomenon.
    The training at Indian Railways is related to many fields of engineering; it is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Training at Indian Railways not only improves your subject theoretical knowledge but also improve the practical skill.
    I worked there on study project named “Local Area Networks”. It was a great learning experience there.


    Short term
    The main short-term advantage after completing the training was an idea of the industrial environment, the strict and disciplined schedule of the company. This helped me a lot to build inside me the zeal to learn more, to be highly precise and accurate in my working. It helped in understanding the relationship that should be maintained between an officer and a worker, officer and a trainee and also between worker and trainee. The good and learning environment helped a lot to understand the difficulties or problems faced during the project completion. The short term learning objective were to just to see how things works and how communication is possible

    Long term
    The introduction to an official as well as industrial environment would help a lot in future to work in a company concerning to the field of communication, to cope up with the increasing competition in the market also it would help in building up a good relationship between myself and the colleagues. This industrial training has helped me a lot to stand in the corporate world.


    In training at Indian Railways emphasis was given on the latest technologies and the basic fundamentals of communication which are required to cope up with the diverted needs of communication and study about the present day services provided by Indian Railways. We were given thorough instructions and knowledge about almost all the aspects of Networking. The officers also made us familiar with the various equipments being used.


    1) Networking
    2) History of LAN
    3) OSI reference model
    4) Protocols
    5) IP Address
    6) LAN Topologies
    7) Types of LAN Technology
    8) LAN Devices

    The full training report is attached for download...

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    Re: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

    thanks a lot , bro

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    Re: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

    thankuuu so much........i need it!!!

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    Re: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

    thanq vry much bro

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    Re: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

    thank u bcz bi need very much

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    Re: Training report on Indian Railways - LAN - Download PDF

    thank u brother i need it

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