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Thread: Digital Design Through Verilog Ebook, notes and presentations covering full semester syllabus

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    Zip 32 Digital Design Through Verilog Ebook, notes and presentations covering full semester syllabus

    The topics covered in the attachments are:

    UNIT I - INTRODUCTION TO VERILOG : Verilog as HDL, Levels of Design Description, Concurrency, Simulation and Synthesis, Functional Verification, System Tasks, Programming Language Interface (PLI), Module, Simulation and Synthesis Tools, Test Benches.

    LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTS AND CONVENTIONS : Introduction, Keywords, Identifiers, White Space Characters, Comments, Numbers, Strings, Logic Values, Strengths, Data Types, Scalars and Vectors, Parameters, Memory, Operators, System Tasks, Exercises.

    UNIT II - GATE LEVEL MODELING : Introduction, AND Gate Primitive, Module Structure, Other Gate Primitives, Illustrative Examples, Tri-State Gates, Array of Instances of Primitives, Additional Examples, Design of Flip-flops with Gate Primitives, Delays, Strengths and Contention Resolution, Net Types, Design of Basic Circuits, Exercises.

    UNIT III - BEHAVIORAL MODELING : Introduction, Operations and Assignments, Functional Bifurcation, Initial Construct, Always Construct, Examples, Assignments with Delays, Wait construct, Multiple Always Blocks, Designs at Behavioral Level, Blocking and Non blocking Assignments, The case statement, Simulation Flow. i and i-else constructs, assign-deassign construct, repeat construct, for loop, the disable construct, while loop, forever loop, parallel blocks, force-release construct, Event.

    Introduction, Continuous Assignment Structures, Delays and Continuous Assignments, Assignment to Vectors, Operators.

    SWITCH LEVEL MODELING: Introduction, Basic Transistor Switches, CMOS Switch, Bi-directional Gates, Time Delays with Switch Primitives, Instantiations with Strengths and Delays, Strength Contention with Trireg Nets, Exercises.

    UNIT V - SYSTEM TASKS, FUNCTIONS, AND COMPILER DIRECTIVES : Introduction, Parameters, Path Delays, Module Parameters, System Tasks and Functions, File-Based Tasks and Functions, Compiler Directives, Hierarchical Access, General Observations, Exercises,

    FUNCTIONS, TASKS, AND USER-DEFINED PRIMITIVES : Introduction, Function, Tasks, User- Defined Primitives (UDP), FSM Design (Moore and Mealy Machines)

    State Machine Charts, Derivation of SM Charts, Realization of SM Charts, Implementation of the Dice Game, Alternative realizations for SM Charts using Microprogramming, Linked State Machines.

    UNIT VII - DESIGNING WITH PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAYS AND COMPLEX PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES : Xilinx 3000 Series FPGAs, Designing with FPGAs, Using a One-Hot State Assignment, Altera Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs), Altera FLEX 10K Series CPLDs.

    UNIT VIII - VERILOG MODELS : Static RAM Memory, A simplified 486 Bus Model, Interfacing Memory to a Microprocessor Bus, UART Design, Design of Microcontroller CPU.

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    Re: Digital Design Through Verilog Ebook, notes and presentations covering full semes

    thnx can u plz upload the ebook of few programs using verilog as soon as possible...........????

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    Re: Digital Design Through Verilog Ebook, notes and presentations covering full semester syllabus

    thanks.It helped a lot in my preparation for end semester exam.
    I could not find the state machine notes.
    It would be appreciated if you post the notes for the same