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    Post: List of Important Books for GATE
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    Posted by: Manoj
    Original Content:
    List of Important Books for GATE
    stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and is intact the best entrance-exam for getting entry into M.Tech courses.

    For Electronic and Communication Engineering, important books are as follows :

    Engineering Mathematics for GATE- GATE Engineering Mathematics, by Kanodia

    Analog Circuit Integrated Electronics- Millman and Halkies

    Microelectronics Circuits with solution Manual- Sedra & Smith

    Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory
    - Robert L Bovlestad

    Electromagnetic Theory
    Engineering Electromagnetics- William Havt

    Communication System- Simon Hawkins

    Principle of Communication System
    - Taub & Schillings

    GATE (Electrical Engineering) Books
    Since your from EEE try to refer standard books of Mathematics and your core subjects right from the first year. Start preparing from the fundamentals i.e Electrical Circuit Analysis (ECA).

    For the Engineering Mathematics you can prefer

    Higher Engineering Mathematics- Dr. B. S. Grewal.
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics- Erwin Kreyszig.
    GATE Engineering Mathematics- Kanodia.

    For your CORE Subjects
    Electrical Machines-J.B Gupta
    Signal and Systems-Simon Haykin
    Control System Engg-Nagrath and Gopal
    Electric Circuits and Fields-N.C Jagan
    Electrical and Electronic Measurements-A.K.Sawhney
    Power Electronics-R.S.Bimbhra
    Electrical and Electronic Measurements- R.P.Jain

    Prepare a proper time table and the topics you need to cover in a day.Only proper planning will make you to go through with good marks.

    GATE (CS ) Books

    Best books for GATE Computer Science are-
    Mathematical Logic: Discrete Mathematics by Tremblay Manohar, Probability , statistics and queuing theory " by S.C.Gupta & V.K.Kapoor

    Graph Theory: Narsingh Deo

    Linear Algebra: Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal

    Numerical Methods: S.S. Sastry

    Formal Language and Automata Theory: Formal Languages and Automata theory", J.D.Ullman etal

    Analysis of Algorithms and Computational Complexity: Introduction to algorithms" - Cormen etal " Computer Algorithms" - Horowitz and Sahani

    Digital Logic: " Digital Logic circuits and Design " by Morris Mano

    Computer Organization: " Computer Organisation " by Morris Mano
    Some Other Important books-
    " Multiple choice questions " - Timothy . J . Williams, TMH publications

    “Gate Question Papers” - G.K.Publishers

    GATE (Mechanical Engineering) Books

    Engineering Thermodynamics
    : PK Nag
    IC Engine: ML Mathur and RP Sharma
    Gas Turbine and Propulsive Systems: PR Khajuria & SP Dubey
    Fluid Mechanics: Modi & Seth, RK Bansal
    Compressible Flow: SM Yahya
    Heat and Mass Transfer: JP Hollman, RC Sachdeva
    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: CP Arora, Domkundwar
    Fluid Machinery: Jagdish Lal, RK Bansal
    Theory of Machines: RS Khurmi, Malik & Ghosh

    Mechanical Vibration
    : Grover
    Machine Design: Shigley, VB Bhandari
    Material Science: WD Callister, IP Singh
    Production Engineering: Kalpkjian Schmid, Amitabh Ghosh & AK Malik
    Industrial Engineering: O P Khanna, Buffa & Sarin
    Operations Research: Kanti Swarup
    Strength of Materials: Gere & Timoshenko, BC unamia, Sadhu Singh

    These books come with complete exercise problems and important notes.

    There are so many books in the market but i had provided you the names of best books . Afterall most important is your labour not books.
    It is old saying that " Practice Makes a person perfect" . so, practice as much as possible for getting success.


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