Tutsplus - Introduction to Pixelmator
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Genre: E-learning
Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with Pixelmator, an affordable, user-friendly Photoshop alternative for Mac users. As you follow along, you'll leverage Pixelmator's powerful toolset to draw, paint, and enhance photographs. With a little help from instructor Elaine Giles, you'll become a Pixelmator Pro in no time!
Topic include:
Welcome 2m 10s
Introduction 2m 10s
The Pixelmator Interface 33m 4s
Your First Pixelmator File 9m 18s
The Pixelmator Canvas and Palettes 8m 56s
Pixelmator Preferences 14m 50s
Pixelmator Tools 1h 9m 40s
Navigation Tools 9m 12s
Marquee Selection Tools 9m 40s
Advanced Selection Tools 10m 52s
The Crop Tool 10m 54s
Painting Tools 10m
Retouching Tools 9m 50s
The Type Tool 9m 12s
Shape Tools - Vectormator Mode 24m 2s
Bitmaps v. Vectors 4m 48s
The Shape Tool 10m 24s
Vectormator Mode 8m 50s
Layers 15m 44s
The Layers Palette 8m 44s
Working with Layers 7m
Masks 19m 14s
Masks Explained 4m 6s
Creating and Editing Masks 7m 6s
Quick Mask Mode 8m 2s
Basic Image Adjustments and Filters 12m 28s
Auto Enhance 4m 6s
The Effects Browser 8m 22s
Printing, Exporting, Saving and Sharing 26m
Printing 5m 26s
Exporting 7m 22s
OS X Autosave 6m 38s
iCloud 6m 34s
Conclusion 1m 14s
Final Thoughts 1m 14s
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