Tutsplus - Mastering Brushes in Illustrator
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The brush tool in Adobe Illustrator has many uses and applications. It can be used for special effects, painting, and even for sketching. In this course, Cheryl Graham will help you master the brush tool and set you on your way to becoming a better digital painter.
Welcome 2m 6s
Introduction 2m 6s
Mastering Brushes in Illustrator 1h 18m 48s
Using a Graphics Tablet 4m 54s
Brush Tool Options 4m 46s
The Brushes Panel 3m 40s
Calligraphic Brushes 4m 56s
Art Brushes, Part 1 4m 56s
Art Brushes, Part 2 2m 32s
Scatter Brushes 3m 26s
Pattern Brushes 6m 36s
Bristle Brushes 4m 48s
Colorization 5m 2s
The Blob Brush 4m 28s
The Pencil and Smooth Tools 4m 50s
Width Profiles and the Width Tool 3m 48s
Saving a Custom Brush Set 2m 12s
Create a Watercolor Painting 9m 24s
Create a Blob Brush Painting 8m 30s
Conclusion 25s
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