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Thread: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

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    Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    Contents Chapter 1: Stress and Strain
    Chapter - 2 : Principal Stress and Strain
    Chapter - 3 : Moment of Inertia and Centroid
    Chapter - 4 : Bending Moment and Shear Force Diagram
    Chapter - 5 : Deflection of Beam
    Chapter - 6 : Bending Stress in Beam
    Chapter - 7 : Shear Stress in Beam
    Chapter - 8 : Fixed and Continuous Beam
    Chapter - 9 : Torsion
    Chapter-10 : Thin Cylinder
    Chapter-11 : Thick Cylinder
    Chapter-12 : Spring
    Chapter-13 : Theories of Column
    Chapter-14 : Strain Energy Method
    Chapter-15 : Theories of Failure
    Chapter-16 : Riveted and Welded Joint

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    study materials by sk mondak kk

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    thanks nice presentation very use ful

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    It is very useful.

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    plz send me t link in this chat box

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    how to download it?

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    Re: Strength of Materials - S.K.Mondal's - Complete Study Material

    nice book for basics

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