Udemy - Multilingual CMS Website with PHP, MySQL, jQuery
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In this course we will learn how to develop a Multilingual Content Management System with Object Oriented PHP MySQL and jQuery. The completed system will allow you to manage content of the pages navigation list of languages labels label types and users - all in different languages. Both - front end and control panel will have an option to change the language of the interface to allow visitor as well as administrator to choose the language they are most familiar with.
Some of the objects (classes) we will create include:
Url - for processing static urls
Database - PHP PDO class wrapper to simplify all database interactions
Paging - to apply pagination to long lists of results
Language - for populating as well as managing all labels and content associated with the selected language
Validation - to validate all form inputs
and many more...
More Info:_https://www.udemy.com/multilingual-cms/