Tutsplus - OOP in PHP With Tests
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Object Oriented Programming is one of the most frequently used paradigms today. Test Driven Development allows us to build applications with the guidance of tests. If you'd like to learn more about these concepts, dig in: there's much to cover!
Introduction 1m 24s
OOP in PHP With Tests 3h 36m 41s
Preparing our Programming Environment 4m 26s
Preparing our Testing Environment 6m 50s
The Concept of Unit Testing 9m 44s
The Concept of Test Driven Development 12m
Objects 101 28m 34s
Meet Our Online Library 11m 12s
Starting with Some Basic Logic 15m 16s
Object Construction and Destruction 8m 10s
Class Inheritance 15m 16s
Meet the Concepts of Public, Private, and Protected 11m 2s
Unified Modeling Language (UML) 5m 14s
Introducing the Library Object and the Concept of Mocking 19m 38s
Class Dependencies Explained 9m 32s
Interfaces and Abstract Classes 15m 34s
Meet the Autoloader 4m 56s
Persistence 27m 14s
User Interface 12m 3s
Conclusion 17m 54s
Wrap it Up 17m 54s
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