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Thread: Achieving your goal

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    Achieving your goal

    to climb up your goal...
    you have to win against yourself for every step.
    what do u say..
    if you agree give the reply...

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    there are two characters that every one have...
    first one = what he really appears..
    second one = what he want to be..
    we say that '' he succeeded ''
    first one = second one

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    hai jeevan how are you I am big fan of your ideas

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    thank you asher....

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    please send your new ideas to fadoo why because you have a lot of knowledge,i have confidence you will became a great scientist

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    ok asher.. i will try my best

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    there are so many peaks.... for what people always dream for.
    but you should be the one who is climbing one of them

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    Re: Achieving your goal

    hmm nice well everybody should mindset for his goal...And try to achieve their targets,,,,

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