Lynda - Having Difficult Conversations
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Author: Britt Andreatta
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Leadership coach and director of learning and development Britt Andreatta shares her tips and strategies for having difficult conversations. In her four-phase model, you'll discover the situations that lead up to difficult conversations, decide when the conversation is warranted, prepare for the interaction, and monitor outcomes to ensure success.

Along the way, learn the secrets of turning difficult conversations into successful interactions that enhance communication and rapport. Improve both your professional and personal relationships, finding your way back from conflict through mutually successful outcomes.
Topics include:

What is a difficult conversation?

Understanding why conversations go badly

Changing your tipping point

Building your ladder-and climbing down

Knowing your triggers

Reframing your adversary

Being prepared for the conversation

Taking responsibility

Sharing goals and experience

Co-creating a solution

Developing the action plan

Building better feedback

About The Author
Britt Andreatta is the Director of Learning and Development for where she designs and delivers a range of training options to enhance the professional development of all employees.
Britt is a published author, certified coach, and seasoned professional with over 25 years experience teaching and training on a range of leadership topics including organizational development, transformational leadership, learning agility, emotional intelligence, building and leading effective teams, engaging and motivating others, cultural competence, and communication, to name a few. She specializes in further developing and honing the skills of managers, leaders, and senior executives

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