Ali Brown - Business Coaching Secrets
COST: $2997
Author: Ali Brown
Size: 739 MB
This program covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I have to share regarding creating, promoting, and "working" coaching programs that give you HUGE leverage in your business

and what you can charge. Some would even say it gives you an UNFAIR advantage over others in your industry, but all I know is I'm sharing what works.

In Coaching Business Secrets, not only do I share the specific strategies I recommend, but I also give you every email and web page I used for my launches, launch calendars that walk you through every step of sales,

exactly what I SAY on stage when making a live coaching offer, flowcharts I use to run my programs, checklists my team uses before every coaching call, and more. It's truly the BUSINESS of advanced coaching, A-Z."
This includes tough topics like:
1. 7 Different Ways of Delivering Your Coaching at a High-Ticket Price

From VIP One-on-One Consults to High-End Masterminds and Retreats - Step-by-Step
2. Marketing and Sales Secrets for Lucrative Coaching Programs
3. The Immense Mindset Shifts You MUST Make in Order to Charge More
4. The Back End Logistics of Running Powerful Coaching Programs

This section alone is worth investing in for your key employee or virtual assistant!
5. Hard Answers to Hard Coaching Business Situations

Charging more effectuates more responsibility, but it's worth it

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