Jordy Vandeput - Professional Vlogging
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Author: Jordy Vandeput
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A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video. Many people like to make videos about random interesting things, their opinions and points of views or whatever else comes to their mind. So if this sounds like you, then watch this course!

Introduction 8m 48s

Introduction 3m 12s

What Makes a Good Vlog? 5m 36s
Equipment 28m 8s

Camera 7m 12s

Sound 7m 42s

Lighting 6m 50s

Studio 6m 24s
Preparing 16m 28s

Time Schedule 8m 14s

Scenario 8m 14s
Production and Distribution 1h 10m 46s

Basic Video Knowledge 9m

Run and Gun 6m

In Your Room 14m 26s

Upload to Youtube 14m 24s

Edit Your Vlog 15m

Build an Audience 11m 56s
Conclustion 1m 40s

Conclusion 1m 40s

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