Who's Mailing What Swipe File - Continuity Series 1994-2011
Author: Who's Mailing What
Size: 141 MB
Who's Mailing What - Continuity Series (Books)
Controls and Repeated mailers from 1994 Jan. to 2011 Dec.
Every month the Who's Mailing What! Archive receives and analyzes approximately 4,000 to 5,000 pieces of direct mail in nearly 200 categories - consumer, business, fundraising, catalogs, and much more - forwarded to us from a network of correspondents around the country. Why? Because the best way to create successful direct mail is to study other company's mail to see which campaign and techniques show up again and again.
The Who's Mailing What! Archive is the foundation for a family of direct mail products at North American Publishing Company, including Inside Direct Mail and the Directory of Major Mailers & What They Mail. The Directory of Major Mailers & What They Mail is an index of nearly 5,000 of the top direct mailers in the country, with complete information about the companies - what they're mailing and what services they use to get the job done.

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