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Thread: Mechanical e-books

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    Mechanical e-books

    Dear friends .....

    Those looking for mechanical eng. books please Download Mechnical Engineering Session

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Send me Mechanics of Machines by ss rattan solutions with examples. Send to dewahjustine[MENTION=148141]yahoo[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    please send me e-book of pk nag thermodynamics and pk nag heat and mass transfer,

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    please send me e-books of thermodynaics by pk nag and heat & mass transfer by pk nag at gauravkarna.20[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    plz send strength of materials by bc punmia

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Send Manufacturing technology1 on my email id foyezahmed084[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Please send me Mechanical Measurements & Metrology by T Chandrasekhar. Its slightly urgent. Final exam this Monday.

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Please send me a link of I.C. ENGINES BY v. ganesan or M.l.mathur and R.P. sharma...
    my email id is nirav8141[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    sir plz send me the applied thermodynamics of r k rajpur shortly at navenduvats01[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    plz send me rac by rs khurmi and important notes for gate rahul.arora.mech[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Music 32 Re: Mechanical e-books

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    strength of materials by ramamurtham

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    kindly send ..

    at mukeshsharma.mae[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

    send complete books thanks..

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    pls send me Rao PN; Manufacturing Tech- Metal cutting and machine tools; TMH at the email address mayurkedar21[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Please send me strength of materials by r s khurmi at jaymevada7[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com as fast as you can.

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    Re: Mechanical e-books

    Please send mech. e-book

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