Scott Britton - Master Gmail to Be 10x More Productive
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Author: Scott Britton
Size: 224 MB
By the end of this course you'll learn the deepest, darkest secrets of Gmail that only the greatest email ninjas know like:
Specific tactics to spend dramatically less time in your inbox (and why that's actually more productive!)
The best way to empty that inbox to zero like Speedy Gonzalez fast - BTW its super important to do that
Strategies to decrease the amount of mail you get. Yep, it's possible
Tools to not only manage all your contacts and connections, but ones that will also help you write emails that are a like?A ZILLION TIMES more effective
20 different strategies and tools to be more productive with email
So if you want to reclaim your SANITY, LIFE, OR TIME or just send emails to ANYONE?..or just want to be more productive?hear me out:
You will learn how to become an email PRO and save hours a week over 43 short videos created by yours truly.
If 43 vids sounds like a lot, don't worry - you can totally go buffet style to pick and choose exactly what you want to learn?man I love buffets.

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