- Writing Fundamentals: The Craft of Story
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Author: Lisa Cron
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In this course, author Lisa Cron digs into the craft of writing a compelling story based on what the brain is wired to respond to in every story we hear. Whether you're writing a story from scratch, or revising your story for the umpteenth time, this course offers practical how-to advice, then illustrates it using before-and-after examples. Discover how to craft a first page, zero in on your story's point, create empathy, find a character's secret goals and inner issues, translate generics into specifics, write for suspense, create cause-and-effect connections, build momentum and tension, and deftly implement setups, payoffs, flashbacks, subplots, and foreshadowing.
Topics include:
What is a story?
Hooking your reader
Feeling what the protagonist feels
Being specific
Creating suspense and conflict
Writing flashbacks and subplots