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Author: Anne-Marie Concepcion
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Join author Anne-Marie Concepcion as she shows you how to leverage the power of tweeting for business promotion and customer engagement. This course reviews the basics of tweeting for business and shares smart ways to set up an account that reflects your brand. It explains how to tweet strategically in order to engage customers and attract followers. Anne-Marie also offers suggestions for creating a richer Twitter experience, managing your feed and activity using third-party apps and utilities, and integrating Twitter with other marketing endeavors.
Topics include:
Understanding the role of social media marketing vs. traditional marketing
Specifying business goals for Twitter
Choosing a strong username and creating a strong profile
Creating a Twitter landing page
Following the people who matter most
Using mentions, replies, and conversations
Finding potential clients
Providing support to customers and prospects
Using hashtags for events and promotions
Sharing photos and video with Flickr and YouTube
Automating and archiving tweets
Integrating Twitter with your blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn