I need books, course material or notes of Aerodynamics and Styling which an elective subject of Automobile Engineering, 7th Semester, Pune University.
Course Content is as follows:
Unit-1: Fundamental of fluid mechanics, Energy, Momentum, continuity and state equations, velocity of sound, Adiabatic steady state flow equations, Flow through converging, diverging passages, Performance under various back pressures. Types of flow- steady, unsteady, uniform, non-uniform, laminar, turbulent, One, Two and Three dimensional, compressible, incompressible, rotational, irrotational. Stream lines, path lines, streak lines, velocity components, convective and local acceleration, velocity potential, stream function, Lift and Drag, Classification of Drag,
Unit-2: Aerofoil in high speed flows, Flow around circular cylinder and Aerofoil, Development of lift on Aerofoil, Lower and upper critical Mach numbers, Lift and drag divergence, shock induced separation, Characteristics of swept wings, Effects of thickness, camber and aspect ratio of wings, Transonic area rule, Tip effects.
Unit-3: Fundamental of aerodynamics Scope, historical development trends, flow phenomenon related to vehicles, external and internal flow problems, performance of cars, light vans, resistance to vehicle motion, drag cars as bluff body, flow field around car, drag force, type of drag force, analysis of aerodynamic drag coefficient of car, strategies for aerodynamic development of car, optimization of car bodies for low drag.
Unit-4: Shape optimization of cars. The origin of forces and moments, effects, Front end modification, front and rear windshield angles, vehicle dynamics under side wind, force moment coefficients, dirt accumulation on vehicle, wind noise, air flow around individual components, boat failing, hatch back, fast back & square back dust flow pattern at rear, effect of gap configuration, effect of fastener. Introduction to CFD Methodology Application to vehicle aerodynamics.
Unit-5: Wind tunnel testing and test techniques: Principles of wind technology, limitation of simulation, stress with scale models, Existing automobile wind tunnel, full scale wind tunnels, climatic tunnels, measuring equipments and transducers, measurement techniques, velocity measurements, flow visualization techniques, road test method, numerical method, wind noise measurements.
Unit-6: Vehicle Styling, Vehicle body types - body styles, front grill shapes, headlight shapes, side vent, rear side shapes, overall profiles, , visual features, aesthetic preference, specific brand image , Vehicle color - color codes, Introduction to computer-aided concept design system.

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