Paul Smithson - The Complete Guide To Design
COST: $97
Author: Paul Smithson
Size: 355 MB

This training course has been specially designed to take newbie designers - people with little or no perceived design ability - and give them the essential know-how with which they can start producing more effective, more engaging design.
The course centres predominantly around designing for the Web, but 99% of the design know-how we impart here is just as relevant for someone designing a brochure, a logo, pretty much anything really!
We pick apart techniques across nine informative modules to explain the practical methods you can employ - as a non-designer - to ensure your designs deliver against your business objectives.
This is a design course for business people and marketers, not designers, so the information within the course is geared to practical implementation - you won't find lots of meaningless, artistic 'mumbo-jumbo' in the modules.