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Thread: hostel accomodation in dtu and nsit

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    hostel accomodation in dtu and nsit

    i stay in safdurjung enclave in new delhi . will i get any hostel in dtu or nsit ?

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    Re: hostel accomodation in dtu and nsit

    Can't assured that you will get hostel accomodation in Dtu or Snit. But still you need to fill the application form for hostel. Preference is given to Outside Delhi candidates over the Delhi region candidates for hostel allotment. Subsequent vacancies are filled by decreasing order of the distance of the applicants' residences from NSIT. All students are eligible as long as rooms are available. If your native place is not Delhi mention it in the form then chances for you to get hostel will be high.

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    Re: hostel accomodation in dtu and nsit

    I m in 2nd yr ece. Well you will get hostels easily as you are outside delhi. 2 or 3 students live in a room it has 2 roomsin most cases. Fees is around 12000 per year

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    Re: hostel accomodation in dtu and nsit

    Yrah, those students who are very far from their parents should stay in a hostel for convenience.
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