1.BE concentrate on what u are study daily
1. Motivated and self confidence
2. 100%efforts
3. Follow on national newspaper and magazines
4. Aware of pattern and direct their efforts as per acc
5. Syllabus shold studied well and each topics in detail
6. Technique of time management
1. Practice as much as u can
2. Speed
3. Best books
Practice sample papers, puzzles, quizzes,
4donot stick to particular question move to other questions
5.clear mind ,6 hrs of sleep everyday
6.first 5 min to increase approach
1 month of june
2.mode of applying :online
3.age 21-30
4.marks deduction for 5 marks for illegible handwriting
5 total marks 1000+200(interview
6.written test 3 days
7.hours 10
1. refer basic English grammar book-sand have clear concept of words,parts of speech,tenses
2.try to learn new words these will increase ur vocabulary
3.new words:learn antonys and synonymsand the manner in which words can be used
Read English newspaper daily
4.solve practice parers
5. online English tests
6.aware of what happening in the country and across the world