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1.0 Chassis, Frame and Body
1.1 Introduction of Chassis frame
1.2 Layout of the Chassis and its main components
1.3 Functions of the Chassis frame
1.4 Types of Chassis frames
1.5 Various loads acting on the frame
1.6 State the different bodies used in automobiles
1.7 Explain the requirements of bodies for various types of
vehicles viz. private, commercial etc.
2.0 Steering Sytem
2.1 Requirement of the Vehicle steering
2.2 Types of Steering ears, systems and power steering
2.3 Steering linkages mechanism under steering, over steering
2.4 Turning radius
2.5 Wheel alignment of Ackerman’s & Devis Steering gear,
2.6 Steering geometry – Caster, Camber, King pin inclination, toe
in and toe out
2.7 Steering defects – wheel woubble and shimmy
2.8 List our the type of steering system used in various vehicles
3.0 Braking system
3.1 Explain Functions of brakes
3.2 Requirements of automobile brakes
3.3 Explain stopping time and stopping distance
3.4 Type of Braking systems – Disc and Drum braking system
3.5 Construction and working of Mechanical, hydraulic, and air
3.6 List out the types of brakes used in various vehicles
4.0 Suspension System
4.1 Requirement of a automobile suspension system
4.2 Types of suspension system – conventional and Independent
4.3 Types of springs – Laminated spring, coil spring, helical spring
4.4 Need of Shock absorber – construction and working of
different types of shock absorbers
4.5 Stabilizer bar and torsion bar
4.6 List out the type of suspension system used in various vehicles
5.0 Seat, Door and Window mechanism
5.1 Construction and working of door lock mechanism
5.2 Construction and working of manual window regulating
5.3 Construction and working of power window regulating
5.4 Construction and working of seat adjusting mechanism
6.0 Air Conditioning of motor vehicles
6.1 Necessity of automobile air conditioning
6.2 Construction and working of passenger car air conditioning
7.0 Painting of automobiles
7.1 Body painting
7.2 Different types of painting – Spray painting – hand painting
8.0 Automobile Pollution
8.1 Effects of automobile pollution on environment and human
8.2 Types of automobile emissions
8.3 Treatment of exhaust gases by using catalytic convectors
8.4 Measurement of percentage of pollutants from petrol &
Diesel vehicles with the help of exhaust gas analyzers
9.0 Legal aspects of motor vehicles
9.1 Traffic signs and signals
9.2 Registration requirements
9.3 Necessity of permits for commercial vehicles
9.4 Insurance coverage
9.5 Procedure for obtaining driving licenses