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Thread: Reported Post by anshul shrivastava

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    Reported Post by anshul shrivastava

    anshul shrivastava has reported a post.

    I cant findur attachments where is it...????
    if u want plz mail me on anshul2791[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com
    Post: Electrical machines notes - EEE branch
    Forum: Electrical Engineering Ebooks Download/ Electrical Engineering Notes
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    Posted by: gaurang8492
    Original Content:
    Topics covered in the notes :-

    1. Principal of electromechanical energy conversion
    2. Singly excited magnetic system
    3. Mechanical work done in singly excited system
    4. DC machines
    5. EMF equation
    6. armature reaction
    7. Commutation
    8. Back emf
    9. Starting methods
    10. Speed control
    11. Transformers
    12. Transformer phasors
    13. Characteristics of DC motors

    pls find the enclosed attachment.

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    no attachment

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    i cant see where the link is

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