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Thread: REALTIME SYSTEMS Ebook, presentation and class notes covering full semester syllabus

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    Zip 32 REALTIME SYSTEMS Ebook, presentation and class notes covering full semester syllabus

    The topics covered in the attached e-books are:

    UNIT I BASIC REAL TIME CONCEPTS: Basic computer architecture some terminology - real time design issues example real time systems input and output other devices language features.

    UNIT II REAL TIME SPECIFICATION AND DESIGN TECHNIQUES: Natural languages mathematical specification flow charts structured charts pseudocode and programming design languages finite state automata data flow diagrams petri nets Warnier Orr notation state charts polled loop systems phase / sate driven code coroutines interrupt driven systems foreground/background system full featured real time operating systems

    UNIT III INTERTASK COMMUNICATION AND SYNCHRONIZATION: Buffering data mailboxes critical regions semaphores deadlock process stack management dynamic allocation static schemes response time calculation interrupt latency time loading and its measurement scheduling is NP complete reducing response times and time loading analysis of memory requirements reducing memory loading I/O performance

    UNIT IV QUEUING MODELS: Probability functions discrete- basic buffering calculation classical queuing theory little's law erlong's formula faults, failures, bugs and effects reliability-testing fault tolerance classification of architecture distributing systems Non Von Neuman architecture

    UNIT V HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: Goals of real time system integration tools - methodology -software Heinsberg uncertainty principle real time applications

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    Re: REALTIME SYSTEMS Ebook, presentation and class notes covering full semester sylla

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