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Thread: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

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    Pdf 32 Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    Applied Mathematics E book-Notes-Tutorial

    Here is the full syllabus covered in the attached ebooks.
    Unit I
    Elementary differentiation -Definition, limit and continuity, elementary differentiation, standard forms, methods of differentiation. Elementary integration- standard forms, integration by substitution, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction.

    Unit II
    Taylorís and Maclaurinís expansions; indeterminate form; curvature ,asymptotes, function of two or more independent variables, partial differentiation, homogeneous functions and Eulerís theorem, total derivatives, derivative of an implicit function, change of variables, Jacobians, maxima and minima.

    Unit III
    Rectification of standard curves, double and triple integrals, change of order of integration, Gamma and Beta functions, application of double and triple integrals to find area and volume.

    Unit IV
    Ordinary differential equations: Exact and Bernoulliís differential equations, equations reducible to exact form by integrating factors, equations of first order and higher degree, Differential equations of higher orders, methods of finding complementary functions and particular integrals, method of variation of parameters, simultaneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients.

    Unit V
    Matrices: Elementary transformations, rank of a matrix, reduction to normal form, inverse of a matrix, consistency and solution of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, diagonalisation of matrices.

    Please see the attached ebooks along with the syllabus

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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    You're a life safer.Thanks a ton for the note

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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    Can somebody please upload solution manual for Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal.

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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    ty for sharing useful maths notes

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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    hey i need higher engineering mathematics textbook ebook ,can anyone please upload it or paste the link over here..its very urgent

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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    Can anyone share Higher engineering mathematics by BS Grewal. If anyone has that book please mail it to rakesh.pandit[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com


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    Re: Applied Mathmatics Ebook-Notes-Tutorial-PDF download

    any one can put the notes for introduction to curvature and radius of curvature with simple explanation notes

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