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Thread: Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation Ebook - Notes-Tutorial PDF Download

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    Pdf 32 Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation Ebook - Notes-Tutorial PDF Download

    Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation Ebook

    Here is the complete syllabus of Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation

    Antenna and Wave Propagation (TEC-505)
    Unit Topic Text Book/
    Unit 1.
    Antenna Principles:

    Potential Functions & Electromagnetic Field, Current Elements, Radiation from Monopole & Half Wave Dipole, power radiated by current element, radiation resistance. Network Theorems Directional Properties of Dipole Antenna.Antenna Gain, Effective Area, Antenna Terminal Impedance, Practical Antennas and Methods of Excitation, Antenna Temperature and Signal to
    Noise Ratio.

    Unit 2.
    Antennas Arrays:
    Two Element Array, Horizontal Patterns in Broadcast Arrays, Linear Arrays, Multiplication of patterns, effect of the earth on vertical patterns, Binomial array.
    Unit 3
    Wave Propagation
    Modes of Propagation, Plane Earth Reflection, Space wave and Surface Wave, Refelection and refraction waves by the Ionosphere Tropospheric Wave. Ionosphere Wave Propagation in the Ionosphere, Virtual Height, MUF Critical frequency, Skip Distance, Duct Propagation, Space wave

    Unit 4.
    Practical antennas:
    VLF and LF transmitting antennas, effect of antenna height, Field of short dipole, electric field of small loop antenna, Directivity of circular loop antenna with uniform current, Yagi-Uda array: Square corner yagi-uda hybride, circular polarization Rhombic Antenna: Weight and Leg length Parabolic Reflectors: Properties, Comparison with corner reflectors Horn Antenna: Length and Aperture. Introduction to Turstile Antenna Effect of ground on antenna performance.Broadband Antenna: Frequency independent concept, RUMSEY’s Principle, Frequency independent planar log spiral antenna, Frequency independent
    conical spiral Antenna.

    Unit 5.

    Antenna Measurements:
    Radiation Pattern measurement, Distance requirement for uniform phase, uniform field amplitude requirement, Introduction to phase measurement; Gain Measurement: Comparison method, Near field method, Introduction to current distribution measurement, Measurement of antenna efficiency, measurement of Noise figure and noise temperature of an antenna polarization measurement.

    Please see the attached ebooks along with the syllabus

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    Re: Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation Ebook - Notes-Tutorial PDF Download

    Ya i will try to reply

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    Re: Electronics Antenna Wave Propagation Ebook - Notes-Tutorial PDF Download

    thanks for this attachment.......

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