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Thread: ebook on Logic and Discrete Mathematics

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    Heart 32 ebook on Logic and Discrete Mathematics

    Many colleges and universities offer a course in discrete mathematics. Students
    taking these courses are from many disciplines, one of the largest
    being computer science. As a part of the Mathematics Across the Curriculum
    project at Dartmouth, supported by the National Science Foundation,1
    we proposed to create a discrete mathematics course that directly addresses
    the needs of computer science students. In analyzing what topics in discrete
    mathematics we want our computer science students to know and why we
    want them to know these topics, we made two observations.
    First, there are a few topics we consider important to computer science that
    are not always covered thoroughly, if at all, in traditional discrete mathematics
    courses. Among these are recursion trees and the Master Theorem
    for solving recurrence relations, the probability theory needed to compute
    average run times and to analyze randomized algorithms, and an emphasis
    on strong and structural induction.
    Second, for each topic in discrete mathematics that we consider important
    for computer science students, there is a motivating topic in computer
    science that can be understood at the level of a first or second course in
    computer science. We feel this makes it possible to answer the age-old question
    students ask in applied mathematics courses: “Why do we have to learn
    this?” We therefore chose to write a textbook with computer science students
    in mind, with the objective of providing the necessary mathematical
    foundations for a computer science major, motivated by computer science
    problems that students can understand early in their study of computer

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    Re: ebook on Logic and Discrete Mathematics

    pdf cant open & dwn

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