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Thread: Electronic Engineering Ebook on Learn Electronics with Arduino

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    Download Electronic Engineering Ebook on Learn Electronics with Arduino

    The chapters in this book are organized in such a way that the reader can choose to jump around the projects and
    discovery labs. Each chapter gives an introduction to the relevant key electronics components and supporting
    technologies. Also, each chapter explains the basic theory of operation of the electronic circuits with detailed
    circuit schematic diagrams. Build instructions with troubleshooting tips are included to help you detect and
    fix hardware/software bugs for each project. Last but not least, each chapter zooms in on a specific aspect of
    electronics technology followed by several semiconductor device-specific experiments. The experiments will
    help you understand the semiconductor device’s electrical behavior as well as the setup of basic electronic test
    equipment and the Arduino software IDE tool via sketches.
    You’ll be introduced to circuit analysis techniques and the Discovery Method, which offers suggestions for
    further fun ways of learning about electronics technology. The goal of these hands-on activities is to encourage
    readers (whether inventors, engineers, educators, or students) to develop skills in engineering their own cool
    gadgets using simple prototyping techniques.

    Contents of the book are as follow:

    • Electronic singing Bird
    • Mini Digital Roulette Games
    • An Alternative Light Sequencer Device
    • Physical Computing and DC Motor Control
    • Motion Control with Arduino: Servo And Steeper motor Controls
    • the Music Box
    • Fun with Haptics
    • LCDs and the Arduino
    • A logic Checker
    • Man, It's Hot: Temprature Measurements and Control

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