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Thread: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Applied Numerical Methods with Matlab

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    Download Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Applied Numerical Methods with Matlab

    This book is designed to support a one-semester course in numerical methods. It has been
    written for students who want to learn and apply numerical methods in order to solve problems
    in engineering and science. As such, the methods are motivated by problems rather
    than by mathematics. That said, sufficient theory is provided so that students come away
    with insight into the techniques and their shortcomings.
    MATLABŪ provides a great environment for such a course. Although other environments
    (e.g., Excel/VBA, Mathcad) or languages (e.g., Fortran 90, C++) could have
    been chosen, MATLAB presently offers a nice combination of handy programming features
    with powerful built-in numerical capabilities. On the one hand, its M-file programming
    environment allows students to implement moderately complicated algorithms in a
    structured and coherent fashion. On the other hand, its built-in, numerical capabilities
    empower students to solve more difficult problems without trying to “reinvent the
    The basic content, organization, and pedagogy of the second edition are essentially
    preserved in the third edition. In particular, the conversational writing style is intentionally
    maintained in order to make the book easier to read. This book tries to speak directly to the
    reader and is designed in part to be a tool for self-teaching

    Contents of this Books Are:

    1. Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Problem Solving
    2. MATLAB Fundamentals
    3. Programming with MATLAB
    4. Roundoff and Truncation Errors
    5. Roots: Bracketing Methods
    6. ROOTS: Open Methods
    7. Optimization
    8. Linear Algebric Equation and Matrices
    9. Gauss Elimination
    10. LU Factorization
    11. Matrix Inverse and Condition
    12. Iterative Methods
    13. Eigenvalues
    14. Linear Regression
    15. General Linear Least-Squares and Nonlinear Regression
    16. Fourier Analysis
    17. Polynominal Interpolation
    18. Splines and Piecewise Interpolation
    19. Numerical Integration Formulas
    20. Numerical Integration of Functions
    21. Numerical Differentiation
    22. Initial Value Probles
    23. Adaptive Methods and Stiff Systems
    24. Boundary Value Problems

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    Re: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Applied Numerical Methods with Matlab


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