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Thread: Riwa- the wonder car

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    Heart 32 Riwa- the wonder car

    Hi frnds, i have a major project on riwa the wonder car. i design a car which is driving in every condition and every where in the world.
    R- means drive on the road
    I- means it also sliping over ice(in iceland)
    W- means it ran over the water(places where most of the time raining season)
    A- means it also flying in the air( to save time while traffic problems takes place)
    it means a single car working on every place.
    by this we say it should be a multipurpose work.
    and by this car we increase our market value in all over the world becouse most of the amrican country faces traffic problems, some times large amount of ice falling in european country, in asia rainy season is stop our transportation system.
    if you have any new idea, sussetion, or drawbacs about thes car plzz tell me and i'm in initial stage of designing of this car.
    also tell me that what is problems faces by this car when it comes in real world.

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    Nope.. this is not possible using the current technology.. the answer to this is designing a car that can fly.. because on water also there is air.. so, y to float on water when we can fly over it??

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    dude, good idea but, does it works? on road -ok, on water-use hovercraft principle, even on ice-use hovercraft principle, but i have a doubt on "flying in air".

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    Good idea and as per my knowledge this is not impossible its really good idea bt there is a problem abt the technology which is available to you because i know very well abt the colleges in gwalior so its looking difficult in gwalior

    best of luck

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    Dude as for knowledge scientists are already working on this type of car in u.s.a. Its not impossible

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    hey fadoo engg. the car which you are thinking can be possible but in the case of slidimg in ice we have to give a slider shape to car which can make trouble while moving in road HOWEVER "ALL THE BEST DUDE"

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    boss thats a great idea..........
    I do appreciate that idea
    if u can arrange car wheel rim in aerodynamical manner
    and then on by 90degree rotation of the wheel it can act as propeller

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    Dude all the best QUIT GOOD

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    better thinking nice job.and possible for next generation

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    Re: Riwa- the wonder car

    good idea......

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