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Thread: What is real love?????

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    What is real love?????

    What is real love???
    what should be the definition for real love??
    Express your views?????

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    A mother does with her child...........

    Vrishti Singh

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    Re: what is real love?????

    Love is to live every moment to the fullest
    feelings as if we at top of the world
    caring for smbody else more then yourself
    and no botheration of the outer world

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    Re: What is real love?????

    I think Love Is Something that just happens unknowingly..there is no definition of love an nothing can bound it that how it should be...It has no demands, no commands, no excuses, no limits, no expectations, no Reality (this may conflict-but i think its ur Own World of dreams)....Its just a flow of the smoothest, loveliest feeling of caring, trusting and being happy looking at that person....Nothing can make you love or to be loved unless u know that Nothing Is everything for you...

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