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Thread: ADVANCED DSP Ebooks, presentations and lecture notes covering full semester syllabus

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    Zip 32 ADVANCED DSP Ebooks, presentations and lecture notes covering full semester syllabus

    The topics covered in the attached e-books are:


    UNIT-I: Digital Filter Structure
    Block diagram representation-Equivalent Structures-FIR and IIR digital filter Structures All pass Filters-tunable IIR Digital Filters-IIR tapped cascaded Lattice Structures-FIR cascaded Lattice structures-Parallel-Digital Sine-cosine generator-Computational complexity of digital filter structures.

    UNIT-II: Digital filter design
    Preliminary considerations-Bilinear transformation method of IIR filter design-design of Low pass highpass-Bandpass, and Band stop- IIR digital filters-Spectral transformations of IIR filters- FIR filter design-based on Windowed Fourier series- design of FIR digital filters with least –mean- Square-error-constrained Least-square design of FIR digital filters

    UNIT-III: DSP algorithm implementation
    Computation of the discrete Fourier transform- Number representation-Arithmetic operations-handling of overflow-Tunable digital filters-function approximation.

    UNIT-IV Analysis of finite Word length effects
    The Quantization process and errors- Quantization of fixed -point and floating -point Numbers-Analysis of coefficient Quantization effects - Analysis of Arithmetic Round-off errors-Dynamic range scaling-signal- to- noise ratio in Low -order IIR filters-Low-Sensitivity Digital filters-Reduction of Product round-off errors using error feedback-Limit cycles in IIR digital filters- Round-off errors in FFT Algorithms.

    UNIT V: Power Spectrum Estimation
    Estimation of spectra from Finite Duration Observations signals – Non-parametric methods for power spectrum Estimation – parametric method for power spectrum Estimation-Estimation of spectral form-Finite duration observation of signals-Non-parametric methods for power spectrum estimation-Walsh methods-Blackman & torchy method.

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    nice sharing brother keep it up

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    Re: ADVANCED DSP Ebooks, presentations and lecture notes covering full semester sylla

    hi this is shivu
    doing engg
    me vrry dedicaded......

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    Re: ADVANCED DSP Ebooks, presentations and lecture notes covering full semester sylla

    good at all..........keep it up

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    Re: ADVANCED DSP Ebooks, presentations and lecture notes covering full semester sylla

    Hello all....
    this is my ADSP syllabus.... cn u plz send some ebooks covering dis syllabus....


    1 Review :
    Fourier Transforms, Z-Transforms, Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform, Convolution And Correlation.
    2 Design of digital filters:
    Introduction to filter design, types of digital filters, choosing between, fir and iir filters, filter design steps, effect of finite register length in filter design, realization of iir digital filters and fir digital filter, design of iir filters from continuous time filters, design of fir filters by windowing.
    3 Digital signal processors:
    General and special purpose digital signal processors, computer architecture for signal processing, selecting digital signal processors, architecture and programming of ADSP 2181 processor.
    4 Spectrum estimation:
    non-parametric methods correlation method, co-variance estimator, performance analysis of estimators, consistent estimators, ar, ma, ARMA signal modeling parameter estimation using Yule-walker method.

    5 Linear estimation and predication:
    Maximum likelihood criterion efficiency of estimator, least mean squared error criterion, recursive estimators, and linear predications.
    6 Multirate digital signal processing:
    Mathematical description of change of sampling rate, interpolation and decimation, continuous time model, direct digital domain approach, interpolation and decimation by an integer factor, single and multistage realization, applications of sub band coding.
    7 Adaptive Filters:
    Applications Of Adaptive Filters, Adaptive Direct Form FIR Filters: The LMS Algorithm, Adaptive Lattice Ladder Filters, Recursive Least Squares Lattice Ladder Algorithms.